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Native Vs. Exotic Our New Collection is Launching 12.02.23

Which team are you in?


Are you conservation champion, going back to your roots and digging all things native? OR a jungle juror, the fate of your indoor plants in is your green (or not so green) hands, maybe it's time for a new exotic addition? 

No matter what side you pick, take your obsession to the next level with our NEW hand illustrated botanical prints!

Bring the bush inside with 5 New Zealand native plant prints:

  • kōwhai 

  • Mānuka

  • Harakeke

  • Karaka

  • Kawakawa

Welcome to the jungle, 5 exotic plant prints for your over grown interior:

  • Banana Tree

  • Birds of Paradise

  • Bunny Cactus

  • Protea

  • Cereus Cactus


Go on, get some more nature in ya home, Native or Exotic, even if it already looks like a scene from jumanji!

Join the waitlist, receive a discount & be the first to buy from the new collection - Native Vs. Exotic - when it drops - 12.02.23

Thanks for joining the waitlist!
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