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Optimise Your Indoor Jungle: 5 Essential Autumn Houseplant Care Hacks

Indoor Houseplants with Autumn coloured cushion

As we cosy up for autumn, let's not forget about our green roomies who've been keeping us company all summer long. With the weather changing, it's time to give our indoor jungle a little extra TLC. Here are five tips to ensure your leafy friends thrive as we head into sweater weather:

Go with the flow on watering

Orange watering can

Just like us reaching for that extra cup of tea, our plants might not need as much hydration during the fall. With shorter days and cooler temps, the soil takes longer to dry out. So, let's chill on the watering a bit. Check the soil before you splash—stick your finger in, and if it feels dry about an inch down, then it's time for a drink. Just remember not to drown them—let excess water drain away.

Watch the humidity

Indoor houseplant pebble tray watering system

As we crank up the heat inside, our plant babies might start feeling a bit parched. Give 'em a spa day by boosting the humidity. Whether you're blasting a humidifier, setting up a DIY sauna with a tray of water and pebbles, or arranging a plant hangout to create a moisture party, your plants will thank you with extra lushness.

Take it easy on the snacks

Fertilising indoor houseplants

Like us after the Summer holidays, plants tend to slow down in the Autumn. So, let's not force-feed them like it's an all-you-can-eat buffet. Dial back on the fertilising frequency and maybe go for a lighter, diluted mix. Your plants will appreciate the breather before the next growth spurt.

Watch out for party crashers (aka pests)

Signs and symptoms of Spider Mites

Just because summer's over doesn't mean the party's stopped for indoor pests. Keep an eye out for those uninvited guests like spider mites and aphids who love crashing indoor shindigs. Give your plants a quick check-up now and then for any signs of trouble. If you spot any freeloaders, it's time to show them the door with some natural pest remedies.

Let there be light (but not too much)

Grow lamps for indoor plants

With the days getting shorter, our plants might start feeling like they're stuck in the shadows. Help them catch some rays by positioning them near windows where they can soak up that sweet sunshine. And don't forget to give them a spin every so often, so they can get an even tan. If your space is a bit light-challenged, consider adding some disco lights (grow lights) to keep the party glowing all season long.

Shelf with indoor plants

With these easy autumn houseplant care hacks, you'll keep your indoor jungle thriving through hot chocolate season and beyond. So grab your watering can, put on your favorite gardening sweater, and let's give our plant pals the autumn care they deserve!

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