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Top 5 Tips - House Plants

Getty Images/Design: Kenzie Mastroe/SheKnows

Please join me in a moment of silence for all of the houseplants we've collectively killed this year.

There is no denying how great houses look with beautiful leafy green plants in them! But if you weren't born with a green thumb then this can be a mission to achieve. Let's take it back to basics and get you set up with the beginning of a green and gorgeous home.

Tip 1- Choose Wisely

Choose a plant that is not easy to kill! Forgot to water it while you were away on a long weekend? No problem! Don't start with the most expensive trendy plant on the market. These hardy varieties are a good choice:

Pothos (Devil's Ivy)

Spider Plant

Ponytail Palm

ZZ Plant

Barrel Head Cactus

Parlour Palm

Snake Plant

Peace Lily

Aloe Vera

Tip 2 - Re-pot your plant

You want to make sure there’s is enough room for your plant to grow. When you get a new plant, pick a pot that’s slightly bigger and use quality potting soil, bone meal, and a little fertilizer when transferring it. It sets the stage for healthy growth.

Tip 3 - Drainage

Make sure your pot has proper drainage. You can find one with a hole at the bottom and a tray to catch the water, or just use rocks / marbles in the bottom of the pot. You don’t need much, just about an inch off the bottom of the pot. This lets the water settle away from the roots and will help keep your plant healthy. If not they may sit in water and rot.

It's over-watered if:

• The leaves' tips are turning brown

• The stem's base is soft and mushy

• Yellow leaves are falling off throughout

It's under-watered if:

• The leaves are starting to curl

• The leaves' edges are brown and crispy

• The lower leaves are doing the worst

Tip 4 - Light

Always pay attention to the care label of your plant when you first purchase it, or do some research online. You need to know if your indoor plant wants full sun, partial sun, or shade.

Bright light: There is no barrier (e.g. curtains, trees, or a building) that creates shade between your plant and the sun; go for aloe, succulents, or palm trees.

Medium light: The sunlight gets filtered (e.g. through sheer curtains) as it reaches your plant; go for a monstera (aka Swiss cheese plant) or ferns.

Low light: No direct sunlight reaches your plant (e.g. it's a few feet away from a sunny window or in a room with artificial light); go for any of these plants!

Tip 5 - Let them be

Quit re-arranging your plants all the time. Plants will get used to being in one space with a certain amount of light. Moving them around all the time is a disruptive event in a plant's life.

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