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Perfect Palomino Pony

Fully Restored Rocking Horse

Original Rocking Horse

My flatmate, Abby, asked me to help her restore one of her Families childhood memories, Horsey.

Well after many weekends of hard labour, Horsey is now back in action, with a much needed makeover!

Lets just say, he had definitely been put to pasture, after having four kids rocking and rolling all the way to Tim Buk Tu on him! Horsey was in no state to be cantering along side a train to rob all 'em gold bars you see! He was, however, still in solid shape. A bit of borer here and there, but none the less, SOLID! The kids would rock him all the way back, as if he was rearing up on his hind legs, with only those thin metal rods holding them from flipping over backwards. So he has lasted pretty well.

This was definitely a labour of love! Broken upholstery staples, sore arms from sanding, Abby's manicured nails ruined, Uncle Shane (Abby's dad) being booted out of his shed, dribbled oil based stain, arguing like an old married couple, re-building the base, too many upholstery choices and finally Abby having a freak out when she tried to upholster him without me! But we survived to tell the tale and now here we are. Finshed!

Gander through the progress photos below and see the great transformation that is a beloved childhood memory.

Borer ridden base

Borer Ridden base - This is going to be replaced with a new one.

Original upholstery

The original faded upholstery. Look at the wear and tear on that saddle!

Removing the upholstery

The hard part - Getting out all those rusty staples to take the original saddle off.

Sanding the horse

Sanding time. There was so much thick, old, yellowed, varnish on this horse. Many, many, hours worth of sanding here.

Sanding the horse

Abby sanding

Classic Abby with a ciggy hanging out her mouth was busy at work! This remind me so much of my grandmother!

Taking Over Shane's man cave

So Shane was supposed to be going out for lunch with his wife for their wedding anniversary but instead started teaching us how to use his power tools! Sorry Lizzie!!!

Cutting the new base

Re-building the base from scratch.

Examining the old base
Creating the grooves for the rocking system

Finished new base

Family cat, Thomas, keeping an eye on the progress. Also, Thomas for scale next to Horsey.

Re-built base all put back together

Starting the upholstery