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Creating A Colour Scheme From Your Favourite Piece Of Art

Do you have a piece of art or a poster that you absolutely adore because of the colours?

Do you wish you could create that scheme in your interior but don't know where to start?

Well that image might just be the inspiration you need to plan your next renovation makeover!

There are so many ways to choose a colour scheme for your interior. This is one of my favs because I collect and paint, a lot of my own art, which hangs on my walls.

In this post I will show you a few ideas on how to bring together a harmonious colour scheme using your favourite piece of art.

Art Deco Illustration

I have this beautiful book full of Art Deco graphic design and illustrations that my mother gave to me when I was studying design. This image is one of my favourites. The colours are cool, calming greens, blues and greys, with touches of soft, warm pinks and delicate creams.

Perfect inspiration for a girls bedroom, a feminine lounge or a baby's nursery!

I found this great website that takes individual colours from an image and creates a scheme.

How easy is that!

Head to Adobe Kuler and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "create from image"

Create from image

I uploaded my image and went through the preset options on the right.

"colourful" preset

"Colourful" preset.

"Bright" Preset

"Bright" Preset

"muted" Preset

"muted" Preset

"Dark" preset

"Dark" preset

"custom" preset

"custom" preset

I was most happy with the custom preset because I felt like it best represented the colours in the illustration.

Another good one to Try is Resene's palette generator.

This one is great because it gives you specific Resene Paint colours matched to your image!

Now you are probably thinking these colours are so strong/bold/bright/hideous!

How am I going to make this work in my interior!

Think of this as a starting point. Try mute the colours even more! If you head into a paint shop, ask a shop assistant to help you find a lighter shade of these colours (a tint) or a similar tone, in a different strength. Quite often they will do a half/quarter or even an eighth strength of the colour you want. By weakening the colours you can create a more neutral toned interior scheme that works in conjunction with your favourtie painting, hanging pride of place, in the newly renovated room!

Then you can start putting together a mood board (Or a Pintrest board) of all types of furniture, soft furnishings, paint colours and flooring that work with the colours generated from your artwork.

This is something I put together with the colours from my artwork.

And of course, the finishing touch! Including your artwork in your room!

Art Deco Illustration

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