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Decor NATion Moodboard - Kawakawa

Kawakawa (macropiper excelsum) is a herbaceous shrub with knobbly joints and branching stems native to New Zealand. It has large heart shaped leaves that are a dark green, and sometimes slightly glossy.

Kawakawa leaves were traditionally used to brew herbal remedies or concoctions. A dissolution of leaves in hot water would bring out the flavours, aromas and essential natural minerals. Traditionally the tea was drunk to soothe the digestive system. The leaves were also turned in a poultice and applied topically to treat skin abrasions and ailments. There are also stories of people chewing on the leaves to cure toothaches. It is an incredibly medicinal and healing plant of the New Zealand bush.

The Kawakawa plant has inspired a new series of prints I am working on and colour inspiration for your interior in this blog post.

Olive greens, warm timber and accents of yellow brass are inspired interiors of the Kawakawa variety!

Resene Secret Garden (The Range 2009)

Resene Natural (Colorwood interior wood stains range 2011)

Resene Sunkissed (The Range fashion colours 16)

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