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Decor NATion Moodboard - On Brand

Decor NATion is a beautiful collection of prints inspired by nature.

I believe in sustainable designer decor that doesn't cost the Earth!

I make art for people who appreciate simple designs, using neutral colours, with a subject matter that helps create a grounding connection to nature within your home.

Besides being aesthetically beautifully, health experts say incorporating natural elements into your home can improve your happiness and well-being. This could be a collection of hand painted botanicals decorating your walls. No matter what the season is you can bring this aesthetic into your everyday life.

When I was younger I grew up in the country in a self sustainable tiny hut. We lived off the grid, ate what we caught or grew and entertained ourselves in our surrounding landscape with countless adventures! It was nothing flash, a slow way to live but a rewarding one deeply connected to nature. Soon after moving to the city for work I found myself frustrated with it's busy pace. More important than ever was the regular need to escape to natural surroundings, to embrace a slower way of living, seeking a deeper connection to nature, mindfulness and grounding. My happy place is foraging at the beach, making arrangements for my product photography or drawing inspiration from the bush for my next illustration. This grounding gives me energy to take back to my at home studio in the city and create artisan products for you.

I get so much joy when you support my small business because I know you are taking steps to a slower life, more deeply connected to nature for your mind, body and home.

I hope you like my brand aesthetic. Here is some more brand inspiration:

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