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Decor NATion Moodboard - Autumn

You will never guess what a client said to me in the middle of a colour consult...

I was helping put a scheme together for her when all of a sudden she zoned out and excalmied 'What season are you?!? No, don't say...... I will guess! You are an Autumn child, you wear Autumn colours!'

I thought I was giving the colour advice but hey, she wasn't wrong! I was born in April and these are my colours.

I am a big believer in changing colours in your home/wardrobe with the change of seasons. There is something mentally balanced within my soul when I do this, like I'm preparing for the mood of the season and what it has to bring.

Deep rusty oranges, mustard yellows, chocolate browns and faded beige with a touch of green still lingering around in the shadows of Summer.

To achieve this look in your home decor check out these Resene colours used here in this moodboard:

Resene Calibre

Resene Moroccan Spice

Resene Flax

Resene Half Biscotti

What season is your favourite?

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