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Decor NATion Moodboard - Manuka

Mānuka is by far my most favourite New Zealand Native! I grew up surrounded by these versatile trees, so much so my Dad's business was called 'Manuka Express' and he named himself 'Manuka Dundee'

Interesting facts:

  • The hard, red wood of mānuka was widely used by Māori for everything from paddles, weapons, spade blades, bird spears and mauls to house building. The bark was used for making water containers and the inner bark as a waterproof layer for roofing.

  • Captain Cook and early settlers called mānuka ‘tea tree’ because they used the green leaves to make a substitute for tea. They also brewed twigs from this plant with rimu to make beer.

  • Mānuka flowers smell very sweet and they provide an important source of pollen and nectar for native bees, flies, moths, beetles and geckos. The Honey made from Mānuka has been chemically proven to heal a number of health related sicknesses.

The sweet Mānuka flower could be your next source of inspiration for you interior. Dusky pinks, soft greys and deep berry red accents.

Resene Crown of Thorns (Multi-finish range pre 2006)

Resene Cherish (The Range 2009)

Resene Gannet Grey (Karen Walker range 2)

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