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Decor NATion Moodboard - Harakeke

We all recognise the tall, green, sword-like leaves of flax that can be found growing throughout New Zealand.

Flax was the most important fibre plant to Māori in New Zealand. Each pā or marae typically had a ‘pā harakeke’, or flax plantation. Different varieties were specially grown for their strength, softness, colour and fibre content.

The uses of the flax fibre were numerous and varied. Clothing, mats, plates, baskets, ropes, bird snares, lashings, fishing lines and nets were all made from flax leaves. Floats or rafts were made out of bundles of dried flower stalks. The abundant nectar from flax flowers was used to sweeten food and beverages.

The harakeke (flax) plant represents the whānau (family) in Māori thought. The rito (shoot) is the child. It is protectively surrounded by the awhi rito (parents). The outside leaves represent the tūpuna (grandparents and ancestors).

Harakeke's (Flax) subtle greens and pinks can be brought into your whare (Home) to create a calm and neutral atmosphere. Pair these colours with natural fibres in your soft furnishings to complete the look.

Resene Dry Creek (The Range 2011/12)

Resene Yucca (The Range 2004)

Resene Drought (Whites & neutrals range pre 2006)

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